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Thanks for dropping by! If you are looking for your photographer, you found it! My name is Pamela Balladares and I will love to tell your story.

You are looking for something different, natural, fresh, that shows you and your family just as you are, without hokus pokus or entertainment programm. It will be you and me having some nice time together, maybe with a cup of coffee but without stress and time pressure. It will also be colorful and creative, but with you being you.

If you really want to know about me:

I studied photography at EFTI, the Escuela de Fotografía y Centro de Imagen in Madrid, my hometown in Spain. I photograph people because I love listening to their everyday stories and show the beauty of it. The green stains on my pants that I get while lying on the ground at your children´s eye-level make me smile and be thankfully for having such an amazing job.   

Since 2010 I live in Frankfurt, Germany, where I still struggle with the language and the weather. What brought me here? Love, of course. I don´t have children myself, but I do have 6 nephews and 1 niece.

Let´s talk about you and what you need now! I´ll love to hear from you!